Thursday, June 25, 2009

Logo Design

When having a professional logo designed for your company, it is very important to know the audience you are trying to reach. The logo should focus on gaining the prospect's attention and effectively communicating what type of business it is. The trouble many small businesses run into is having a designer create a logo that fits there personal preferences, which often leads to disaster.

For example, I had a client come to me and say they wanted to have a logo created for their mortgage company and the lady was set on using pink butterflies because it was her favorite color and icon. I love pink and I think butterflies are beautiful, but probably more appropriate for a daycare center, spa or tea room, it doesn't really fit for a mortgage company. I explained to the client about the importance of creating a brand that the prospect (aka target audience) would understand and making it easy for them to identify the service.

When I presented the logo design concepts, I of course included a couple pink butterfly samples, but I also include several other choices. When she showed the logos to her friends and business associates, they told her that the pink butterfly logos were confusing and it took them a moment to figure out what type of business it was. At that point she realized that the logo wasn't about what she thought was pretty, but what would work and communicate effectively with her target audience.

Every client has ideas on what they would like to see in their logo and as a designer I am always happy to bring those ideas to life, but it is also my job to provide guidance and educate my client on effective ways to communicate their professional image.

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